Saturday, December 1, 2007

aboriginal child and youth mental health recommendations

We have had some amazing talent coming out of Australia with greats like Anthony Mundene and his awesome father Tony. Cathy Freeman, Lionel Rose and many other great achievers from the aboriginal community.

This race of people has been heavily attached by the psychiatric industry with aboriginal families being free rein for prescription drugs. With the creation of a psychosis that is tearing this community apart, for the industry that is capitalising so heavily on the families and children of Ausralia's future, it is all about money.

Yes! Prescription Drugs means money in the pockets of the criminals that prescribe them. This is a great form of residual income for the many psychiatrists and doctors that are capitalising on these distressed families.

I hope that these so called "prefessiaals" have a thought for the lives tat they are destroying the next time they pay for there golf club fees using such blood money.

I urge all aboriginal leaders ad role models to follow this link and download this free booklet now.

Kind regards, True Crime Discovery Team.

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