Thursday, December 13, 2007

adhd child in parenting research study

If you child is normal, happy and at the end of a big day suddenly gets tired and a bit cranky, then that child has a mental illness. Rediculous! Well I will not dare you to try this one out on your doctor unless you know him very well and know for sure that he is not one of the drug pushing agents for the drug companies. Because this little test could find yourself in a battle of child abuse custody because you are refusing to take the doctors orders and ensure that you baby gets their medication. In many part of the world, trying to take your child or refusing to give your child their "medication" is classed as child abuse and the "public guardian" can come and remove the child from your custody and place them in the "care" of some foster parent who is being paid to the sum of some $36,000 to ensure that the medication is given exactly as prescribed. If you are going to temp the hand of the devil, don't use your child as the bait, for you risk a brisk snatching that will take your baby away forever.

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