Tuesday, January 1, 2008

adhd for a child at the age of 2 yr

I cannot believe that this all started from Jessie just being a little restless at school. After a discussion with the visiting "Councellor" to the child care centre I was advised that we needed to seek some professional help as Jessie was show signs of Mental Illness developing and it is very important that these things are detected early on so that preventative action can be taken is necessary. This Councellor told he that the Mental health Association is working strongly on this early intervention program as the more and more mental illness was developing in our society and being lately detected was showing great proplems in treating. The "specialist" ask me such question as: "Does Jessie get irritable when she gets tired?" "Does she get over excited when playing with other kids?" "Does she ever have nightmares of talk i her sleep?" Of course the answer was yes to all of these questions and I felt that this was normal for any growing little girl.

adhd child psychologists

On top of this she would very often make comments that were out of context in regard to what what being spoken about and suddenly seemed to be taking everything that was being said completely literally and not in the joking humour of our usual day to day speach. Jessie lost her energy for life. Although she was always now very restless and was unable to settle, this was only in a high level of nervousess that seemed to increase more and more as the Ritalin seemed to wear out. Jessie became very shy of other people and would handle any confrontation with other people simply by just turning her head away and down to the ground. She now began to show a complete unwillingness to communicate and what not even nod her head in an acknowledgment of that she had heard what I had said to her when I tried to handle the concern that she was having. Coutesy was another quality that just seemed to dissappear from my little girls personality. Everything became me me me! Jessie could not even see others concerns.

adhd child psychologists winston salem

But of course the underlyig statement ramains in force. "We have no real way of determining weather of not a child has ADHD or is suffering from depression..." That is right! there is no way because the whole field of ADHD and Depression is the biggest money making hoaks on this planet and the only difference in child drugging and selling arms to countries so that they can make child armies is that the destruction and blood is more overt. I even challenge you to take a look at the Bush connection in this area. Make your own close investigation along this trail. After these countries are blasted with bombs, who then goes in with the social reform to help the "depression" of "such a poor nation". The product lines are now solidly established to bring in the millions and billions of dollars of "mental health drugs" to "help" these poor civilians with their depression and other "Mental Illnesses" that come after such a devastating upheaval.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

adhd child in parenting research study

If you child is normal, happy and at the end of a big day suddenly gets tired and a bit cranky, then that child has a mental illness. Rediculous! Well I will not dare you to try this one out on your doctor unless you know him very well and know for sure that he is not one of the drug pushing agents for the drug companies. Because this little test could find yourself in a battle of child abuse custody because you are refusing to take the doctors orders and ensure that you baby gets their medication. In many part of the world, trying to take your child or refusing to give your child their "medication" is classed as child abuse and the "public guardian" can come and remove the child from your custody and place them in the "care" of some foster parent who is being paid to the sum of some $36,000 to ensure that the medication is given exactly as prescribed. If you are going to temp the hand of the devil, don't use your child as the bait, for you risk a brisk snatching that will take your baby away forever.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

adhd child in memory short term

adhd child in memory short term is a natural occurance when your chikd is bombarded with the drugs that are being prescribed.

Before you take you child to any too easy to prescibe drugs as an answer specialist, ask yourself.

Does my child really have this MADE UP DESEASE CALLED ADHD? or is he or she going throught the normal barriers of learning and growing up?

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

adhd child hallucinations

That Right!

The effects of the powerful mind altering drugs that are being prescribed to our children do cause them to have grose and disturbing hallucinations.

Other side effects are: Heart Palpitations, Stroke and Suicide.

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adhd child and depression

Have you been sold the lie that your adhd child will lead to depression. Or that you are suffering "depression" because of your ADHD Child? Then please be informed imediately that you are the larget of the world's largest marketing campaign. And the target is you and you child.

Millions upon Millions are being earnt in residual income from our children ever time a prescription is filled out.

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Kind regards the True Crime Discovery Team.