Tuesday, January 1, 2008

adhd child psychologists

On top of this she would very often make comments that were out of context in regard to what what being spoken about and suddenly seemed to be taking everything that was being said completely literally and not in the joking humour of our usual day to day speach. Jessie lost her energy for life. Although she was always now very restless and was unable to settle, this was only in a high level of nervousess that seemed to increase more and more as the Ritalin seemed to wear out. Jessie became very shy of other people and would handle any confrontation with other people simply by just turning her head away and down to the ground. She now began to show a complete unwillingness to communicate and what not even nod her head in an acknowledgment of that she had heard what I had said to her when I tried to handle the concern that she was having. Coutesy was another quality that just seemed to dissappear from my little girls personality. Everything became me me me! Jessie could not even see others concerns.

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