Tuesday, January 1, 2008

adhd for a child at the age of 2 yr

I cannot believe that this all started from Jessie just being a little restless at school. After a discussion with the visiting "Councellor" to the child care centre I was advised that we needed to seek some professional help as Jessie was show signs of Mental Illness developing and it is very important that these things are detected early on so that preventative action can be taken is necessary. This Councellor told he that the Mental health Association is working strongly on this early intervention program as the more and more mental illness was developing in our society and being lately detected was showing great proplems in treating. The "specialist" ask me such question as: "Does Jessie get irritable when she gets tired?" "Does she get over excited when playing with other kids?" "Does she ever have nightmares of talk i her sleep?" Of course the answer was yes to all of these questions and I felt that this was normal for any growing little girl.

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