Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Autism And Child Abuse Accusations

But of course the underlyig statement ramains in force. "We have no real way of determining weather of not a child has ADHD or is suffering from depression..." That is right! there is no way because the whole field of ADHD and Depression is the biggest money making hoaks on this planet and the only difference in child drugging and selling arms to countries so that they can make child armies is that the destruction and blood is more overt. I even challenge you to take a look at the Bush connection in this area. Make your own close investigation along this trail. After these countries are blasted with bombs, who then goes in with the social reform to help the "depression" of "such a poor nation". The product lines are now solidly established to bring in the millions and billions of dollars of "mental health drugs" to "help" these poor civilians with their depression and other "Mental Illnesses" that come after such a devastating upheaval.

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