Friday, November 23, 2007

Forensic Psychology Child Abuse

This drug called Ritalin I have found out is in the same category as Street Speed. I am sure that taking this drug recreational on weekend must really mess a person up. But what about what I had been doing to my child. Giving her this Ritalin three times a day. It is no wonder that she was unable to sleep, she was speeding off her poor little head and was so high on the drug that it would be impossible for her to steep. They then prescribed a depressant to take at night time to "help" her to sleep. She was at night time bombed into a state of drugged unconsciosness and again in the morning spiked with a dose of Ritalin to bring her back up to "action" for yet another day of hell and confusion. The reports frm the teacher was that she was not getting any better and unless I was able to get my child under control then greater measures would be called in. This was all the while I was being inforced to give my child this descructive presciption destroying what ever shildhood she had.

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