Friday, November 23, 2007

Horrible Child Abuse Stories

I also felt reassured that the qualification of the "Councellor" was a degree in Psychiatry and felt reassured that I was in the right hands with her qualifications. She seemed nce and actually seemed to give me the impression that she cared. How wrong I was and it has cost me the life of my little girl. This so called "councellor" is only the main sales person as far as I am concerned in a large network, drug cartel, that now reaches deep into our society like a viral web of carsenogenic infection. This network is all through our society. What is the product that these "professional"? Drugs. That is right. They make there profession out of selling drugs to little inocent children. This is the most immerse force of child abuse that is spread across this planet. We hear of the horrors of children in Africa being druged and made into soldiers and that they are numbering in the tens of thousands. Well I beg you to look at the statistics because we are drugging kids in the millions in America alone.

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