Friday, November 9, 2007

Child Abuse Effects

I am sure that you have all had unhappy experiences as a child and wish that some things would never have happened to you. Well, some of the horrors that children experience are so unimaginable that even an R rated movie would have trouble depicting the horror and distraut emotion of a child trapped in an abuse situation. Why do so many adults suffer from "Depression" in this modern time, well maybe their child hood did have something to do with it.

The child abuse that I am going to share with you is so covert and damaging that even a grown man we be distraught at such treatment and in fact on many incidents of this hidden danger have in fact been.

Can you imaging walking down to the worst drug dealing suburb in your home town and asking your "friendly" drug dealer for a nice little supply of Speed or any other such high categary anfetamine. Now that you have you package, you then strole on home and then continue to dose your child with this drug for the next week and continue to do so for hte remainder of their childhood.

We would you do such a thing? Well perhaps you felt that your child had "ADHD". That is that modern fraudulent disease that is so well placed into the modern medical market place in the name of early intervention of what ever other guise they choose to place this false label into. Well, staying on the track you would use these high category drugs that you had just purchased on the street to "help" your child with their "problem". Or "Mental Illness". There are many labels of such.

Well my dearest friend, this is exactly what is occuring right here and now in this "Modern Society". When you take a close look it is more like a Barbaric Society.

That's right! Let us just take one of these modern high category, mind altering drugs, Ritalin. This drug is ranked in the same category as Speed, Cocaine and even Heroine. That is the truth my dearest reader. We now all of a sudden have young children and teenagers suffering from heart palpatation and even strokes. This has never been heart of until the introduction and pushing onto our children these drugs.

Wy would you do this to your child? If you can answer this question, then I would very much like to hear your answer. In America today we are getting close to having Ten Million Children taking these drugs. This was the stated marketing target by the World Mental Health Authorities and today they are very close to achieving this. I Australia alone there where in fact Twenty Million Prescriptions of Ritalin Alone made throughout this country. That is equivalent to one dose for every man, women and child i that country.

Again, why would you abuse your child in this way, or why would your trusted doctor do this to you child. The answer my friend is "Resididual Income." Once your child is labelled, every proescription from that stage on means comissions to the Sales Man who set up the prescription. Oh! I am sorry I mean "Doctor".

Of course your "friendly" Psychiatrist is a specialist in this field. Child abuse of the most insidious type. The sanity of you child.

Take care and watch out for your child!

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