Friday, November 23, 2007

History of Child Abuse in the United States

A true cure for "Depression" would obviously look at the cause of such a "Mental Illness" ""Obviously". Well, to go back to the basic and find something that is "pushing down" the person we find our professionals feeding our babies, children and loved ones with the solution being something that will "lift you back up again!" only with the original reason that the person is pushed down still unidentified and still in the environment we have a being that is not long after pushed right on back down. Only this time it is complicated with the addition of coming down from a high category helucinogenic mind altering drug. Of course the solution then becomes "More Drugs Quick. She is coming down. Let;s pump her up again!". Only now our child or loved one is set up for an even bigger crash and the original "depression" is so far squashed down that we hve little hope of find the tue cause of this so called depression.

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