Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Facts For Families Child Abuse The Hidden Bruises

I am majorly concerned as a parent and a system that is trying to label my child in the name of "help" but is actualll only a front for a money making multinational scam. The latest "caring" campaign is what is being called Early Intervention. "We must find out what is wrong with you child as early as possible so that we can diagnose then, prescribe the "cure", of whch ADHD has none as it cannot as admitted by the phychiatrists themselves cannot even be diagnoses, and then get this poor child programmed out for a life time of presciptions and profits. It could quite easily be named as the programmed for profits mental health program. This is the true underlying purpose of early intervention. Nothing more that programming for future profit. In Australia we have the Beyond Blue Organisation fronted by ex Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett who has left a life on politics to retire on a life of profits and early intervention programs designed to profit from mass drug sales to our children and members of the community

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