Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Child Abuse Journal Articles

Lets get back to some of these questions that are being asked and some of the results that are occuring from the information that is out there for mental health. A small tip that will save your childs life and future. Ensure that any treatment or therapy that you undertake for you child has no chance of leading to any form of drugging. None of these drugs have any valid reason to be used and will only lead your child into an irreversible state of depression. If you want at the very least a child that will hate you forever and will show an unexpressed resentment in her their face that cannot be removed. They kow deep inside that something just isn't right. That you have been an accomplis to there now life long problems and that you took the easy way out by trying to solve a true problem in the child by giving them a "magic pill" that will somehow make it all go away. Would you forgive your boyfriend if he slipped a "happy pill" into you drink? I think not and you would never trust him ever again.

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